A 360˚experience

Web development, UI/UX, Visual design

4 mins average dwell time
500,000 page views
10,000+ social interactions
+28% more likely to visit Tokyo for their next holiday.
Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most famous destinations, yet it requires no tickets and no queuing. In fact, the more people, the better. An astounding 3,000 people can cross it at each two-minute light interval.

A 360˚ panorama experience was used to help bring the words of CNBC editorial's Monica Buchanan Pitrelli to life whilst showcasing some of the little known facts about the destination. Using popup info boxes, video and photography, I designed and developed this microsite injecting elements inspired by Japanese culture, using strong red colours and a minimalistic graphic / typographic design approach for the UI.
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Typography, colour & imagery
Beauty within the chaos
After users are welcomed to the destination they are presented with a rotating 360˚ view with floating hotspots. When opened they find beautiful photography, video and facts.
Users can uncover alternative views of the destination as well as cool footage shot and associated with the local area.

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