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Aerospace, Technology, Sustainability

Web development, UI/UX, visual design

10,000+ social reactions
200,000+ page views
7mins avg dwell time
73% say the campaign improved their overall impression of the Airbus
Airbus’ commitment to being a force for good extends to the most pressing of today’s challenges: climate change. With aviation responsible for an estimated 3% of total carbon emissions, the industry will be pivotal to meeting our climate obligations, limiting global warming to 2 degrees.

Airbus' goal was to highlight their commitment to leading the decarbonization of the aerospace sector, and their pledge to deliver net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To cement Airbus' position on sustainability, I designed and developed this microsite campaign, utilising beautiful video and information design that outlines their current efforts and roadmap to net zero. I put people at the forefront of this campaign using Airbus footage to help visualise the sentiment of the piece, showcasing their aerospace engineering and the impact it has on people and the planet.
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Typography, colour & imagery
Driving traffic
Ad units were used to drive traffic to the destination. They were positioned alongside editorial content on as well as within external sites.
Video storytelling
Short passages of the article are displayed as users scroll down the page, punctuating background video and providing a literary narrative. Careful space was assigned between sections so users can take in the visuals as they read.
A human touch to ENGINEERING
Footage of people and the use of Airbus technology help to users view Airbus with a more people centric lens, at the same time, showcasing the myriad of industries they cater to.
Stats reinforce the efforts made by Airbus to help convince readers of their fight to reduce climate change.
Otimised background video give users an entertaining reading experience. Mobile users have become accustomed to video consumption thanks to the likes of Instagram and TikTok.
Beautiful photography and well shot video help to create a feeling of calm and intrigue as the user scrolls down the page.

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