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Portrait of a champion

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How many dimensions are there to Roger Federer? The accomplished athlete readily agrees to be only known as “Cloud Six,” letting the art speak for itself. Roger Federer actually took a leap from simply admiring the art to becoming a part of Ugo Rondinone’s “burn shine fly” – an installation shown at last year’s Venice Biennale.

To bring this vision to life, I designed a captivating experience that immerses the reader in the art of Ugo Undinone and tells the story of Roger Federer  with the use of 3d and photography, captured along the 2 year progression of their collaborative art project.
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Typography, colour & imagery
A story of art and purpose
We open with the film 'Portrait of a Champion' which tells the story of the collaboration of Ugo and Roger beautifully. This is further enhanced by an interactive 3d recreation of the art exhibit in Bienale. As the user scrolls down the page, the camera flys through the space and factual popups appear to provide some context. Throughtout the page, inspirational quotes and storytelling from Ugo and Roger help to bind everything together, giving the audience an experience to remember.
After introducing the project and providing some background to the journey of both Ugo & Roger, the page is split into several sections that help to provide a framework to the story. These are punctuated using typography colour and photography to keep the user engaged and continually scrolling. For these sections, horizontal movement is used to provide a different feel to page interactions.
Photography taken from the scenes of Venice and across the world were used to help tell the story of how this amazing art piece came about.
Here, audio snippets were used to help tell the story of how and Interactive audio snippets are used to bring a human element to the photography.
The audio wave visual is animated as the sound plays.

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